An original magazine advert for Royal Doulton Character Jugs 1957

size 6” X 11”

The text on this advert reads “ ROYAL DOULTON Character Jugs. Colourful 20th century descendants of Toby Jugs. A fascinating hobby can be yours with the collecting of Royal Doulton Toby and Character Jugs. They bring the rich colour and traditions of romance into your favourite room... whether at home, the club, your local inn or hotel. Individually painted but very moderately priced, they enthuse gay conversation and will remain bright, warm-hearted company for all time. See the Royal Doulton Toby and Character Jugs at your china shop... many subjects available in four sizes, from 6/6d. to 37/6d. each”

The advert features the Long John Silver, Sancho Panza, Don Quixote and Athos Character Jugs

I have recently started collecting Royal Doulton magazine advertisements and getting them framed in order to decorate one of the walls in my display room. I have a number bought that are awaiting framing so I will update this page as I get them on my wall. Also I managed to get a complete set of the six Royal Doulton postage stamps which were issued in 1993 in New Zealand and they are presently being framed also.

An original 1955 Advertisement from Punch Magazine

Size 8” X 11”

The advert reads “ Royal Doulton Character Jugs. A fascinating hobby for collectors. The charm, quaintness and lovely colourings of Royal Doulton toby jugs and character jugs offer a fascinating new hobby. These happy-looking jugs bring an irresistible note of colour to any home decoration; on a shelf, a window sill or cabinet. Although each is individually hand painted, they are surprisingly moderate in price, giving years of keen enjoyment and fun”

The advert features the Long John Silver, Poacher, Old Charley and Falstaff Character Jugs

An original Advert 1953 from Punch Magazine

Size: full page ad approx 22cm wide x 28.5cm

The text on the advert reads “ A time to reflect the value of tradition. During the coronation ceremonies crown and coronet, velvet and ermine, tabard and tunic, cockade and crested plume create a spectacle to excite the imagination. And tradition, that golden thread linking past achievement with present inspiration, fills our minds.

Not least of Britain’s traditions is that of making fine pottery, established in Lambeth in 1815, linked up with centuries of local ceramic activity and through the delftware and stoneware potters - with yet older traditions reaching back to the ancient East. During the past 138 years the House of Doulton has added several glorious chapters to the story of British pottery making. in 1887 Henry Doulton was knighted by Queen Victoria for his services to the industry and, in 1901, King Edward VII conferred on the company the rarely bestowed right to used the word “Royal” in describing its products. Today, in the reign of our new Queen, Elizabeth II, Royal Doulton craftsmen are maintaining the company’s highest traditions. The work of their hands - including tableware in bone china and fine earthenware, Royal Doulton figures, animal models, Toby and character jugs, and decorated stoneware ceramics - is eagerly sought the world over.”

The advert features : Sir Walter Raleigh, St George, Woodland tableware, Sir Francis Drake,Grantham Coffee Service, Mr Pickwick, Daffy-down-dilly, Bulldog, Gude Grey Mare.

Original Advert for Royal Doulton Tableware - Ideal Home Magazine (December 1956)

Size: full page ad approx 22cm wide x 28.5cm

Text Reads “Exciting... New... Charming new patterns on the latest Royal Doulton elegant coupe shape add a gay note to gracious living. The illustrations show you a glimpse of the beautiful subtle colours designed to harmonise your home”

The advert features

Desert Star             25 piece Dinner Service - £13 12 shillings and 6d

                                21 piece Tea Service     - £5 19 shillings and 6d

Meadow Glow        25 piece Dinner Service -  £9 18 shillings and 6d

                                21 piece Tea Service    -  £4 8 shillings and 0d

Tracery                    25 piece Dinner Service - £10 13 shillings and 6d

                                21 piece Tea Service      - £5 3 shillings and 6d

Queenslace            25 piece Dinner Service - £13 6 shillings and 0d

                                21 piece Tea Service      - £6 5 shillings and 0d



I don’t have much information on the most recent of my framings. It was a promotional poster for a book called “Royal Doulton Book Of Character and Toby Jugs” by Desmond Eyles. From what I have been told it was published in 1979 by Royal Doulton themselves. it contained 164 pages and my copy is on its way from Amazon as I type. Oddly even though mine is coming from a book seller in London it was ONLY available from the american amazon store and not the UK one. Desmond Eyles has been a prolific writer on the subject of Royal Doulton since 1955 and most recently published a book about Royal Doulton figures produced at Burslem in 2007. It is a large poster with the total framed size exceeding 3 feet in height but I think it looks great.


I decided to go ahead and include some of the adverts I am waiting to frame. I will replace them with framed pics as soon as I get them back from the framers.


In 1993 Royal Doulton in conjunction with the New Zealand Postal Service issued a series of Royal Doulton themed  postage stamps. I got my set framed. The stamps represent a full range of Doulton’s work from Character Jugs to Dinner Ware through to the Prestige Sculptures. From left to right is:

Miniature Sheet for Saltglazed Stoneware Vase $1.80 stamp (see below for a fuller description)

Character Jug - Old Charley 1934 - 45c - One of a range of character jugs first produced at Burslem in 1934. The character jug, featuring only head and shoulders, was an original Doulton development of the traditional full figure Toby jugs which dated from the 18th century.

Bunnykins Plate ‘The Proposal' - 80c - The range of children's ware most commonly associated with Royal Doulton is the perennially popular Bunnykins series, first introduced in the 1930s. The whimsical rabbit family was the creation of Barbara Vernon who passed most of her life in a convent. Since her original drawings, over 150 of her designs have appeared.

'Maori Art' Tea Ware 1907 - 90c - Royal Doulton have produced several ceramic series on New Zealand themes. They are 'Kia Ora' stoneware (1907); 'Maori Art' tea ware (1907); Souvenir wares, and kiwi teapots and plates for the Silver Jubilee of Canterbury (1900); the death of Richard John Seddon (1906), and the New Zealand International Exhibition in Christchurch (1906).

Handpainted Plate ‘Ophelia' - $1.00  - By George White 1903. This Burslem plate is an example of the extremely high standard of Royal Doulton ceramics which made their way to New Zealand in the early part of the century. They were snapped up by collectors eager for quality and artistic innovation.

Burslem Figurine ‘St George' 1950 - $1.50 - In the early 1890s Charles Noke began experimenting at Burslem with figurines, mainly of characters from Shakespeare. Since then, many outstanding sculptors have helped to develop the vast range of Royal Doulton figures still in production today.

Saltglazed Stoneware Vase - $1.80 - By Eliza Simmance c. 1892. Doulton was ahead of its time in using women as artists and designers. The vase is an outstanding example of late Victorian art pottery, which aimed deliberately to be creative or artistic as opposed to merely utilitarian.

My copy of the “Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs” arrived recently, and strangely (as you can see) the actual book cover bears no resemblance to its promotional poster. I guess marketing must have been less about brand identity and more  about getting the information out in 1979.

Just for fun I framed the March of the Bunnykins 7” single which I managed to get off eBay recently. It is by the Royal Doulton Band and is a double A side. It features “March of the Buynnykins” and “The Joggle” and was released in 1984 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Bunnykins. The band was conducted by Ted Gray and had eight other vinyl releases including one which I have managed to get hold of so far - “Theme’s in Brass” which was a 17 track Album of theme tunes from Movies and Musicals. You can still pick up the album sometimes on amazon but the single appears harder to find and was made of transparent yellow plastic. I think it looks pretty good framed, I had it framed in such a way that you can still see the reverse side of the cover through a glass window on the back, but I included a scan of it here so that you can I could show it on the site (it’s a shame I don’t have a record player to hear it....maybe it will appear on iTunes sometime :-))