How it all Started

Back when I was “knee high to a grasshopper”, my grandmother passed and left me a character jug that she had in her attic called “The Cardinal”, it wasn’t and still isn’t a very valuable jug. It was however the jug that first sparked my interest in the work of Royal Doulton and this in turn led to a life long quest to assemble the best collection of Doulton Character Jugs I could acquire. I was only 8 or 9 years old then, and now 34 years later I’m maybe a quarter of the way towards getting the collection I had dreamed of having.

My Collection

My interest in Doulton has primarily been focused on the Character Jug series, however I have fallen for quite a few Bunnykin pieces and the splendid Millennium Collectables commissioned

Books & Pics

Doulton Advertising Icons of the 20th Century and the Royal Doulton Lord of the Rings inspired “Middle Earth” series have both begun to find their way on to my display shelves.

The Purpose Of This Site

It isn’t possible for me to display all of my collection at the one time, mainly due to lack of display space so this site gives me an opportunity to do that albeit in a virtual manner. Initially I will be showing my existing displayed items but this will be updated with new photographs when the displays are swapped with items I have in storage or when new pieces are added. 

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Thank you for visiting my Royal Doulton Collection site. Hopefully you enjoy your time here. Please feel free to send me feedback or any queries you might have and I’ll do my best to respond

All the best


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To the right is an interesting video owned by the Pathe Video archive which shows in detail the making of the Long John Silver character jug at “a factory in burslem”, but for those Doulton fans here, you will realise this is at a Royal Doulton factory. The film was originally shot in 1955 and demonstrates the sculpting, colouring, glazing and firing process, before showing off the final products and is well worth a watch

A big thanks to Christopher Evans (A Royal Doulton historian) for pointing me in the direction of this video.

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